Zanaflex is a muscle relaxing medication that is used to relieve the spasms and increased muscle tone. There are some side effects that you should know about bfeore taking Zanaflex, but it is FDA approved and has helped many patients.

What is Zanaflex?

Zanaflex is a brand name version of the generic drug tizanidine, which is in a class of medications called skeletal muscle relaxants. Zanaflex works by slowing action in the brain and nervous system to allow the muscles to relax which can help with spasms.

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What are the benefits of Zanaflex?

  • Can help stop twitching and tremors
  • Can help with muscle cramps and pain
  • FDA approved muscle relaxant medication
  • Helps with other spinal pains and problems

What is the recommended dosage of Zanaflex?

The exact recommended dosage will be determined by a physician, but most people are told not to take more than 12mg per day. This is usually 1 or 2 tablets, taken three times daily. It is important not to increase your dosage on your own even if you feel it is not working. If you have any questions about dosage information for Zanaflex, you can call or email us and one of our physicians on staff can help you.

How quickly does Zanaflex start working?

The time it takes Zanaflex to start working varies from person to person depending on a number of factors, but most people feel relief within one to six hours of taking it. Even if it takes longer, you should never increase your dose on your own. In general, Zanaflex is a fast acting drug that can help with various muscle and spinal related pains and problems.

How should I take Zanaflex?

Zanaflex should be taken orally once per day. It is vital that you follow directions given to you by our physicians here at There will also be instructions on the bottle that you should listen to as well. You should take Zanaflex with a full glass of water. You should ask our physicians if you should take it with or without food because with food it may increase the levels of your drug in your bloodstream. In most cases, you may take up to three doses in one day if needed. You should allow 6 to 8 hours to pass between doses and never take more than three 35mg doses in any 24 hour period.

What is the safest way to buy Zanaflex?

At we can help you safely get Zanaflex at prices you can afford. With our overnight shipping from FedEx, you will get it delivered to your door quickly and without a hassle. While you do need a prescription to order Zanaflex online, there is a safe and legal way to get Zanaflex without a prescription from your own physician. At, we make it easy to order Zanaflex online.

We have a team of physicians who are there to help make sure you stay safe when taking Zanaflex. After contacting us, our physicians will review your answers to some simple medical questions. You answer these during the checkout process. After making sure it is safe for you to take Zanaflex, our physicians write you a prescription and you will be able to safely order Zanaflex online.

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