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MedsMD.com promises to deliver only authentic, FDA approved medications. Unlike other online pharmacies, we work with registered United States pharmacies and licensed physicians. Other websites can offer seamingly similar products at cheaper prices, however these medicines often come from developing countries such as India and China, where quality-control is not adhered to. When it comes to your health, you shouldn't try to cut corners to save a few dollars.

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It's a sad fact, that millions of Americans purchase illegal or fake medicines on the internet, every year. Not only are they breaking the law, they are putting their health at risk by ingesting medicines that may not be real. In a recent study, non-FDA approved 'generic' Viagra pills were found to contain a range of dangerous chemicals, from dust to rat poison.

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  • Great Service Alex, NY, United States MedsMD you're one of the few American pharmacies that deliver genuine meds and a great service. Thank you!


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