Motrin is the brand name version of the generic drug ibuprofen, which is commonly prescribed to help with pain, inflammation, and even fever.

What is Motrin?

Motrin (a brand name version of the generic drug ibuprofen) belongs to a group of drugs known as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. The drug works by reducing hormone production in the body, which can have an effect on pain and inflammation due to a number of different causes.

What are the benefits of Motrin?

  • Help with inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Reduction of fever
  • Helps with a variety of pains

What is the recommended Motrin dosage?

Most adults are prescribed 200 mg every four to six hours, although this amount may vary up to 800 mg per dose. Your doctor will decide the exact recommended dosage that you should take. It is important to never take more than 3200 mg in any 24 hour period. Whatever your health care provider recommends, you should take. There will be other dosage information on your prescription bottle that you should follow.

How quickly does Motrin start working?

For many people, Motrin begins working after one or two doses. This will vary, of course, from person to person depending on a number of different factors. If Motrin does not help with your pain after several days, you may want to talk to a health care professional about options that are available to you for pain relief. Even if Motrin doesn’t appear to be working, you shouldn’t go over the daily recommended maximum dosage.

How should I take Motrin?

Motrin should be taken with food or milk if you want to reduce the chance of getting an upset stomach. You should take the medication orally with a full glass of water. Depending on what type of Motrin product you are prescribed, there are slightly different directions for taking it. You should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully as well as check the prescription bottle for special directions that you need to follow.

What is the safest way to buy Motrin?

Whatever strength of Motrin that you require, you want to make sure you order from a reputable seller online. There are many online pharmacies that are dangerous to deal with for a number of reasons. From legal concerns to potential health risks, there are many reasons you need to go with a website you can trust when you are purchasing Motrin online.

Here at, we are registered in the United States as an online pharmacy. We have a staff of physicians on hand who can answer any questions you might have. They can also administer an online consultation, making sure it is safe for you to take Motrin. Once everything is cleared, you will be able to safely and legally order Motrin online. FedEx provides overnight shipping, meaning you will get the help you need quickly.

If you have any questions about Motrin, click here to fill out an online medical questionnaire and begin the process of having your questions answered.

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