Lamisil is a brand name version of the generic drug terbinafine which is primarily prescribed to help treat fungal infections. There may be other reasons Lamisil is prescribed.

What is Lamisil?

Lamisil is a brand name antifungal antibiotic which is also known by its generic equivalent - terbinafine. The medication is used to treat various fungal infections, including toenail and fingernail fungus as well as other types of infections. Lamisil typically comes in tablet form.

What are the benefits of Lamisil?

  • Help with toenail infections
  • Help with fingernail infections
  • Help with other fungal infections
  • Powerful antifungal antibiotic

What is the recommended Lamisil dosage?

Lamisil is typically given out in 250 mg tablets. Most people are prescribed 250 mg once per day, however the amount you are recommended to take will be determined by your health care provider. It is important not to exceed their recommended dosage of Lamisil. On the other hand, you also want to make sure you don’t take less than the full amount they recommend. For more information, see your prescription bottle.

How quickly does Lamisil start working?

Because of the nature of fungal infections, it will take most people 6 to 12 weeks (or more) to see results when using Lamisil. It is important to keep taking the medication even if it doesn’t appear to be working. Because of the location of nail fungus, it is sometimes more difficult a problem to take care of even with powerful medication like Lamisil.

How should I take Lamisil?

Lamisil should be taken orally with a full glass of water. You should also strive to follow any other directions given to you by your doctor or health care provider. If you were prescribed the granule type of Lamisil, you want to mix it with pudding or mashed potatoes. Try to avoid taking it with applesauce or other acidic foods. You should, however, eat something when you take Lamisil. If you happen to miss a dose, take it when you remember unless it is close to your next scheduled dose.

What is the safest way to buy Lamisil?

Lamisil works great, but you want to be careful about where you purchase it online. While there are many unregistered online pharmacies on the Internet, you should avoid them at all costs. If you want to order Lamisil online safely and legally, there are options available. is one such place.

We are registered as an online pharmacy in the United States. Our staff of physicians are able to answer any questions you may have about Lamisil. They can also offer you an online consultation to make sure it is safe for you to purchase and use Lamisil. After you are given the okay, you will be able to securely place your order online. With FedEx providing overnight shipping, you will have your medicine before you know it.

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