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Cyclobenzaprine HCL 10mg is the generic name for a muscle relaxer that is marketed under the names Amrix, Comfort Pac with Cyclobenzaprine, Fexmid, and Flexeril. It is primarily used to treat skeletal muscle conditions that cause pain.

What is Cyclobenzaprine?

Cyclobenzaprine works by blocking nerve impulses that send pain sensations before they reach the brain. Sold under the brands Amrix, Comfort Pac with Cyclobenzaprine, Fexmid, and Flexeril, it is considered a muscle relaxer. It is commonly prescribed for people with painful skeletal muscle pains. Specifically, it can really help with muscle spasms associated with strains, sprains or other injuries.

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What are the benefits of Cyclobenzaprine?

  • Cyclobenzaprine HCL offers fast acting pain relief
  • It is a Non-narcotic medication
  • FDA approved generic form of medication
  • Minimal side effects

What is the recommended Cyclobenzaprine dosage?

For most typical adults, the dosage is Cyclobenzaprine 10mg orally 3 times a day. Your doctor may adjust the dose depending on your exact response. It may be adjusted to 7.5 mg or even 5 mg in some cases. In general, you will take one dose three times per day.

It is important to follow any directions from your physician carefully when taking cyclobenzaprine 10mg or any other variation.

How quickly does Cyclobenzaprine start working?

The exact amount of time it takes cyclobenzaprine to start working on lessening muscle pains varies from person to person, but most find the pain start to get bearable after one or two doses. If cyclobenzaprine does not start working right away, it is important to remember not to increase your dose without consulting a doctor because of the risks of overdose.

How should I take Cyclobenzaprine?

Cyclobenzaprine should be taken orally three times per day for a normal pill or once per day with an extended release capsule. You want to listen to your doctor’s instructions and carefully read any instructions that are on the prescription when you receive your medication.

What is the safest way to buy Cyclobenzaprine 10mg?

You may be able to buy generic cyclobenzaprine online without a prescription, providing it is done properly. A misinformed consumer could purchase cyclobenzaprin from the wrong website and purchase it illegally. Also, these illegal sites may not tell you about interactions that may happen or other warnings that you need to know.

This is why is different. Registered in the Untied States, and with a staff of trained physicians, you can receive an online consultation in the privacy of your own home. After our physicians have determined that it is safe for you to take generic cyclobenzaprine, your prescription will be written right then and there, allowing you to order muscle relaxers online legally.

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