Amoxicillin is a generic antibiotic. It is marketed under the names Amoxil, Amoxil Pediatric Drops, and Trimox. Amoxicillin is used to treat a wide variety of infections caused by bacteria. If you are prescribed this penicillin antibiotic, you should follow your doctor’s instructions when taking it.

What is Amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin is a generic penicillin antibiotic that is marketed under the brands Amoxil, Amoxil Pediatric Drops, and Trimox. The medicine is used to help with a variety of bacterial infections, including (but not limited to), ear and bladder infections, gonorrhea, and E. coli or salmonella infections. Sometimes it is used with another penicillin = clarithromycin - to help treat stomach ulcers.

What are the benefits of Amoxicillin?

  • Fights bacteria in the body
  • Can help with a variety of infections
  • Can be useful for treating stomach ulcers
  • Minimal side effects

What is the recommended Amoxicillin dosage?

The exact dosage of amoxicillin that you should take will be prescribed by your doctor depending on what type of infections your body is battling. Most are prescribed 250 mg to 500 mg three times per day. The pills are taken for anywhere from a week to several months. If you miss a dose, you should take it when you remember unless it is close to the next time to take it. You should never double dose.

How quickly does Amoxicillin start working?

Depending on your exact ailments and other factors, it may take amoxicillin anywhere from several weeks to several months to work. Even if it doesn’t appear to be working, you should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully and not change your daily dose. While the symptoms may get better before your medicine is all gone, you should take it for the full amount of time advised by your doctor to make sure the infection is cleared up.

How should I take Amoxicillin?

For amoxicillin to start working most effectively, it is important to take it at the same times every day. Amoxicillin should be taken orally, paying attention to how much liquid is poured out for each dose. The penicillin can be taken with or without food. Other than that, you should follow your health care provider’s instructions carefully, and pay attention to any directions that come with your prescription.

What is the safest way to buy Amoxicillin?

There are some places online where you can buy amoxicillin without a prescription, but these should be avoided at all costs. From legal concerns to health risks, there are many reasons you shouldn’t purchase amoxicillin online without a prescription. If you want the convenience of getting penicillin antibiotics online, there are safe and legal options. is registered in the United States as an online pharmacy. We have a staff of physicians that can answer your questions about amoxicillin as well as give you an online consultation. When it is certain that you are safe to take amoxicillin, you will be able to safely place your order. With overnight shipping from FedEx, you’ll have your medicine quickly.

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