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MedsMD.com is an online pharmacy, first established in 2004. We're different from other online pharmacies because:

  • We work with American registered pharmacies
  • American DEA licensed physicians
  • Authentic, FDA approved medications
  • Overnight FedEx and UPS shipping

Your health is our highest priority. For more information on our service, please do not hesitate to contact us

Authentic Medication At Affordable Prices

Ordering prescription medication online is often expensive and inconvinient. MedsMD.com is dedicated to changing this, providing only authentic, United States sourced medications at affordable prices. We can assist visitors in finally finding a reliable source for their healthcare needs, with medications such as Tramadol, Fioricet and Viagra available online.

MedsMD.com works with licensed physicians and registered pharmacies, through a reliable online facilitator, eCareMD. They are responsible for dispensing over 500,000 orders and are commited to honouring customers security and privacy. They will only prescribe safe, non-controlled medications through an online consultation.

What Is An Online Consultation?

In the last decade, the internet has revolutionzed the way we source medication. Patients now have more choice than ever in the way they buy prescription drugs. Unlike other online pharmacies, we require all new customers to complete an 'online consultation' before their chosen medication can be dispensed.

An online consultation involves submitting simple medical details during the checkout process on our website. The answers you provide will be sent over to a licensed physician, who will ensure you are safe and suitable to take your requested medication. An online consultation takes just 2 minutes, however it's important to ensure you submit accurate and detailed information. After all, our physicians need to ensure your safety before issuing a prescription for your requested medicine.

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  • Great Service Alex, NY, United States MedsMD you're one of the few American pharmacies that deliver genuine meds and a great service. Thank you!


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